IP Public Address Systems


Inform the public of everything it should know

IP public address systems from the 2N portfolio enable sound distribution via IP protocol over great distances or even wirelessly. They are tools for broadcasting public announcements and advertising messages, whether this involves live speech and recorded messages, playing atmospheric music, internet radio or other audio streams in a certain area with the option of playing various messages in different zones. They are primarily used to address, inform and alert a wide circle of people such as customers, employees and visitors to public spaces. They are the ideal solution for hotels, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, stations, office buildings or sports and cultural facilities.


2N® NetSpeaker

The 2N® NetSpeaker Console with simple controls, a clear display of the set zone and updated information on played soundtracks provides for user-friendly audio playing. The system administrator will certainly appreciate the option of setting access user accounts and their rights to the 2N® NetSpeaker Server. This can be installed either on a separate server or together with the 2N® NetSpeaker Console application.

The currently existing LAN/WAN network can be utilised for installation of the 2N® NetSpeaker. This significantly reduces the time needed to implement the entire device and also saves on installation costs for cabling or modification of 100 V wiring.


2N® NetSpeaker Lite

Simply connect the 2N® NetSpeaker Lite to a conventional amplifier capable of powering the connected speakers in order to play audio over an IP network, for example, across the entire shop. You can create a separate zone using any 2N® NetSpeaker Lite, where you can then play various audio content according to your precise requirements. The audio signal is then streamed to various units from a central server, either as unicast (a stream generated for each unit) or multicast, which can be received by all units in the network.

With the 2N® NetSpeaker Lite you not only get greater control of the audio content played in the shop, but you also save on costs for the continuous rental of an audio solution, which is usually supplied by the content provider. An invaluable benefit is the backup solution using a microSD card, where audio from the local 2N® NetSpeaker Lite unit starts to play if there is a data connectivity outage. In addition to this, you will appreciate the ability to use a planner, for example, for announcing advertising messages or information on closing times.


2N® SIP Speaker

The 2N® SIP Speaker uses no moving parts, so you can expect easy installation, reliable operation and long life without the need for maintenance. Each device can be configured via its own web interface or using the application 2N® Helios IP Manager. This makes it easier to configure a large number of devices from one place. If installed at height or in other inaccessible locations, the volume can be regulated via remote control or a web interface.

The 2N® SIP Speaker is a universal device for simple and effective communication, increased security and property protection. It can act as a PA system or simple intercom. See what it can do for yourself, and it will inspire you to improve the effectiveness of operation at your workplace and save on company costs.



2N® NetMic

With the help of buttons on the 2N® NetMic console, you can easily and quickly select one or more zones for live announcements from the microphone or to play a saved message (e.g. information announcements, commercials, music content, gongs). In addition, if necessary, you can hear what is being played in a given zone by simply pressing a button. What’s more, you can not only connect anywhere in the network, but you won’t need a computer with pre-installed SW applications.

The 2N® NetMic has one microphone and 14 buttons, and thanks to external connectors you can easily connect an external microphone, CD/MP3 player or headphones with no problem. To control and set up buttons, you can use the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application, which can also be used to set up the whole 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system.


Third Party Integration

Previous limits on distance have completely disappeared with IP technology, thanks to which you can install an audio system wherever there is an IP network. In addition to this, the actual implementation and installation of such systems will not only be simpler and faster, but also markedly cheaper thanks to the use of current infrastructure, instead of more expensive audio cables. What’s more, if installation is required in a place where cabling is not available, the system can be connected wirelessly using WIFI.

By integrating our 2N® NetSpeaker, 2N® NetSpeaker Lite or 2N® SIP Speaker audio systems into your speaker or amplifier, you can turn each unit into an independent zone to which your customers can broadcast various audio messages, as required. An invaluable feature is also online supervision of the whole system, which will provide you with immediate access to information, e.g. in case of a disconnected speaker.


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