Buyer's Guide for Video Conferencing Systems

The current geo-political climate, a focus on increasing productivity and cost reduction, and a general reluctance to travel have all contributed to a heightened awareness regarding the use of video conferencing and other conferencing and collaboration technologies. Corporations, state and local governments, universities and health care providers are using this technology today for many applications including training, telemedicine, product development, customer service, board meetings, managing mergers and acquisitions, and interviewing to name a few.

This document will provide the first time user a non-technical guide on how to acquire the best video conferencing system for their respective organization. There are two main factors to consider when acquiring a video conferencing system, the type of system, and the network over which the system will operate.


Basic Requirements/Information:

i) Buyer's Guide to Video Conferencing Systems

ii) Directive of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)


Watch Video:

1) EagleEye Director Setup



2) Introducing Polycom EagleEye Director



3) RealPresence Group – 1080p60 Experiences


4) QDX 6000 Setup Video



5) Immersive Telepresence Experiences



6) Polycom Immersive Telepresence Overview



7) Real Presence Group – Design Elements



8) Real Presence Group – User Interface



9) Real Presence Group – Video Data Sheet



10) Whiteboard Sketch: Real Presence Video Solutions


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