IP Based PA Systems

During any emergency situation, people need to be able to receive clear directions that guide them to a safe location. We facilitate overhead paging to multiple locations on a network by deploying VoIP over the existing LAN/WAN and transmitting audio signals as an MP3 data stream over the Ethernet links. Microphones and speakers are treated as elements in the network and are linked semi-permanently by means of the Internet Protocol (IP). To connect the elements in the network, it can simply be done using a mouse and a PC user interface.

Unlike conventional PA systems that require a coaxial cable wired to every speaker you want to send voice to, IP Network voice transmission helps eliminate a lot of cabling, which leads to considerable reduction of installation cost. It also helps us overcome the conventional transmission distance limitation, enabling new ways to use PA systems, which were never possible before.

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The core hardware component to Digital Acoustics' PA solution is the IP7 IP Audio Amplifier module. You can select the model that meets your exact sound requirements. The IP7-SS8 uses PoE power from the network and provides up to 8 watts of sound to attached speakers.

The IP7-SS20 provides 20 watts while the IP7-SS40 provides up to 40 watts of audio. These small amplifiers can drive a single speaker or multiple speakers in an array by using the universal 70V transformer. The quantity of speakers attached to an amplifier is determined by the sound volume levels required.


Speaker systems that connect directly to the network are the simplest and quickest to install. No need to run speaker wires, just plug the speaker system into your PoE type network drop and you're done. It's easy.

These speakers have built-in amplifiers that provide 8 Watts of power from their PoE connection. The amount of sound (dB) available depends on the type of speaker used. If you need more sound power then you require a separate amplifier and speaker.


Every acoustic environment is unique and using the right speakers is important in providing intelligible public address solutions. OTL offers a wide range of speakers.


You can select wall mounted, drop-in ceiling speakers, outdoor horns and even speakers that direct sound in two directions down a hallway. Before selecting the speaker OTL will help you do a sound level analysis. We will make sure that you have the right sound level for each area.

Intercoms allow you to communicate to a specific room, or any location you have a network connection. For example you can place intercoms in each classroom or office or even use it at a door to control entry.

There are a number of different network attached intercoms. They are all powered using PoE or optional power adapter for easy installation. Select desktop, surface mount models or outdoor intercoms.

  • Our IP PA System 100% IP Based and can be easily integrated with existing networks.
  • IP PA System is completely configured by the software user, eliminating the need for hardware head-end switching
  • IP PA software runs on your PC, manages the system and provides digital voice quality sound wherever you need it.
  • PA speaker amplifiers and intercoms can be mounted around the campus indoors or outdoors.
  • Supports 1000's of stations, without head-end hardware
  • Easy installation - Amplifiers and intercoms connect to your Ethernet network
  • Wired or wireless connections for flexible installation
  • Zones extend over networks and span the Internet
  • Highly configurable zone template mapping
  • Powerful integrated amplifier provides loud, crisp quality sound
  • Interface to choice of speakers: analog overhead loudspeakers, wall mounted, outdoor horn speakers, etc.
  • Intercom (two-way audio) in noisy environments
  • Fast to deploy, easy to maintain
  • Education
  • Building, Corporate Communication
  • Market
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Government


  • Packets  IP, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) 
  • Addressing Static or DHCP dynamically assigned IP over Ethernet
  • Audio Voice-band VoIP PCM, G.711, selectable bandwidths
  • Power 8 Watt SE8/SS8, 20 Watt amplifier SS20, options for 25/70v transformers
  • SE8 options  Door relays, Sensors, Integrated 2 port network switches
  • LAN  10/100  Base-T, Ethernet RJ45 for CAT5/CAT6. Supports wireless & fiber.