Copper Systems:

Copper network infrastructure solutions offer top performance for next-generation enterprise networks. From our Category 6A solutions — that deliver unprecedented performance for insertion loss and crosstalk — to our high-bandwidth coaxial cables featuring high resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI), our products are engineered to meet or exceed the toughest, most exacting mechanical and electrical standards.

We also provide complete connectivity solutions that include information outlets, patch panels, patch cords, cross-connects and modular cassettes. Designed for plug-and-play simplicity, our enterprise connectivity components help make deployment fast and easy.

Product Sheet for Copper Cable Solutions
Items Product Descriptions Product Image
UTP Cable Cat-6 Copper Cable, High performance, Category 6, (CM), 4-pair, UTP copper cable. Copper conductors are 23 AWG construction with HDPE insulation. Conductors are twisted in pairs, separated by an integrated pair divider, and protected by a flame-retardant PVC jacket, CM, Blue Color, 1000ft/305m in BOX.
UTP Patch Cord 1, 2, 3 Meter Cat-6 Patch Cord (Factory Tested), Constructed of Category 6, TX6™ PLUS Modular Plugs; plug contacts plated with 50 micro inches of gold for superior performance. 30 pound latch capacity at both end. Color: Green + Red+ Blue + Yellow + Orange. All colors should be available for Color combination.
RJ – 45 Connector 50 micro-inch gold plating over 50 micro inch Nickel plated on contact area
Cat 6 Modular Jack TX6 Plus Category 6, RJ45, 8-position, 8-wire universal module. Contacts plated with 50 micro inches of gold for superior performance. Crimping Type not Punch down. Can be re-terminated a minimum of twenty times, Multi Color.
48 Port Patch Panel 48-port patch panel with labels, supplied with twelve factory installed CFFPL4 type front removable snap-in faceplates.
2U Cable Manager Horizontal Wire Manager - Front and Rear Duct, Dimension: 3.5"H x 19.0"W x 8.9"D (89mm x 483mm x 226mm).
Patch Cord Locker RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device, Compatible with UTP and shielded Category 6A, 6, and UTP Category 5e patch cords
Face Plate 86 x 86mm single gang faceplate frame and one 1/2 size sloped shuttered module insert. Depth to rear of modules: 18.0mm, Off White Color,RoHS Compliant,